God and Gun Control: The Bible's Perspective on Personal Ownership and Use of Weapons, and Related Matters

God's sword crossing our sword (the rifle) superimposed over the Bible.

This page contains research detailing what the Bible says about owning and using guns.

(c) 1996, 1997, 1999 David C. Treibs

Christians and Deadly Force: Point and counterpoint. (1.3 megs) An anonymous, highly knowledgeable author makes a case that Christians are forbidden to use deadly force, and I counter his points. If you don't mind trudging through sometimes complicated and hair-splitting discussions, this document is a great source of information.
Questions answered by the research include:
  • What objects are considered evil, and does the list include firearms or other weapons?

    Aren't people basically good, and isn't their behavior determined by their environment, and doesn't that make it dangerous to have weapons readily available to influence them to do evil?

    What does it mean to trust God, and how can you have faith if you use a gun for defense?

    Must you always obey the law, even if it means turning in your guns, or your neighbor?

    Are there any examples where God divinely helped someone obtain or use weapons?

    Are there any examples where God divinely helped someone use deadly force?

    Does the Bible compare weapons to good things or bad things?

    What does the Bible say about weapons of mass destruction, ie, those "high capacity assault weapons supposedly useful only for killing many people?"

    Aren't good and evil basically two sides of the same coin?

Non-Biblical info related to God and Guns

Other views on God and Guns

Historical Christian Armed Resistance

  • Jewish armed resistance to the
    Romans: Maccabes

    Early Christian use of arms:
    Foxe's Book of Martyrs

    Jewish armed resistance to the
    Nazi holocaust

    Early American Christians' armed
    resistance to British tyranny
    • Christian Foundations of
      the American Revolution:
      • Lex Rex

Recent Christian armed resistance
to persecution, tyranny, crime, etc.

The growing hatred and intolerance
of Christians, and the coming
persecution: be forewarned
and forearmed.

Other views on matters related to
God and Guns:

  • Why Christians should be
    involved in society
    (Randall Terry)

Social Security

The research is in the format of a verse by verse Bible commentary, meaning you won't very easily find the answers to the above questions. At this time I don't have concise answers easily accessible, although eventually I hope to have clues pointing you to some of the relevant scriptures that clarify the above questions. Since you are supposed to be reading the Bible through from cover to cover, you may find the answers yourself. (You are reading the Bible through, aren't you?!?)

Meanwhile, you can look at the Outline, following, to give you a pretty good idea of what the Bible says about many questions related to gun ownership. Do note that the outline is incomplete, and I will fill it out as I have time, which isn't available to me very often.

I would very much like to hear from anyone who takes time to read these materials, whether you agree, disagree, or don't understand. Some of the material is contradictory, some of it is in raw form and no one will understand it but me, most of it is not too well organized, and so on.


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as of 19 Oct 97

God's Word is the Final Authority on All Matters

Logical Reasoning Based on Biblical Principles

Special revelation vs no special revelation: just do the right thing and follow God's word.

To Demostrate That Ownership and Use of Weapons is Not Evil

God's Judgment

Examples of Gun Control

God's Blessing

How God Works, and How He Provides

God's Laws of Reaping and Sowing, Cause and Effect

Trusting in God, and having Faith in God

How the militia worked

What our Attitudes Should and Should Not Be

Obeying the law:

Hard Sayings

Why we suffer

Gun control earns the curses of Obadiah 1:10-15


Outline and notes of Sermon given at Fredericksburg Baptist Church,
mid-1999, by David C. Treibs

4 Major points in this brief:
--God has put his approval on being armed
--God has used his people armed to accomplish his will (not that you have to be armed, but you will suffer the consequences if you aren't)
--God hasn't changed his mind
--The Second Amendment is based on God's Word, and we should not trample either one.

Since the school shootings, and other mass shootings, much debate has occurred over gun control. As Christians, our duty is to determine God's will on these matters, and act upon it, instead of being swayed by the world and it's faulty reasoning.

I. We must determine God's will by diligent study.

II. One of the simplest ways to demonstrate God's approval of ownership and use of weapons is by studying examples where God divinely blessed the ownership and use of weapons.

III. Application to today's situation

###End of Outline###

Verse By Verse Commentary On Matters Related to God and Guns

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USA Flags, State Flags, Custom Flags, National Flags,
Information on Gun Control, History of Texas' 1835 Come and Take It Flag,
Modern Come and Take It Flag with Assault Rifle

The above links take you to notes completed as of May 31, 1996. The updated notes are from 1999. Sometime I'll post another update to the notes, with some revisions and additions to the outline.

These notes will eventually become a book on the subject. Until then, I am making my notes available for anyone interested in plodding through them. These are several years worth of work already, it will likely be several more years before they are even close to manuscript form, much less publication.

No part of this work may be copied or used in another work, including the spoken word, without crediting the author, and without written permission from author.

This file may be copied onto electronic bulletin boards or Internet sites, provided it is copied as is. You may not modify it in any way, including adding or deleting anything, unless you have written permission.


(c) 1996, 1997 David C. Treibs. All rights reserved.

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